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I am a thinker, an indulgent writer for expression and a Bonafide Urban Chick!! Welcome to my site!!
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“I have known Rashida Khilawala as a colleague and friend. She has the capability to turn dull topics that would otherwise skip the eyes of a reader, into one of the most read articles for our website. 
While working at Buzzle, she was one of the best performers as far as her writing was concerned and also a very good team player. I feel that the most driving factor about Rashida is that, she is self motivated and has a passion for work, and she just loves her work and does it as a hobby that she always wants to do. I sincerely believe that Rashida will prove to be an asset for any organization she works in. 
Wishing her a very good luck towards a future, which will of course be very bright.”

- By Shah Newaz Alam; Writer and Editor, Buzzle Software Solutions.

“Rashida is a brilliant thinker and fantastic person to work with, to say the very least. Whilst hiring interns for her company, I certainly felt that the entire coordination stage went off smoothly, and i credit that to her. Most importantly, from what i have seen and heard from the interns that i placed under her, she encourages lateral thinking and motivates teams to do great work. Rashida made the journey challenging and fun and we enjoyed a great deal of success along the way.”
- By Shiv Issar; Co- Founder, Grasp.

“I have worked with Rashida in Buzzle Software Solutions as Content Writer. Her command over creative writing gets reflected in her articles. One can expect her to deliver quality content well within the deadlines/stipulated time limit.”
- By Shashank Nakate; Senior Writer, Buzzle Software Solutions.

“Rashida Khilawala is a brilliant writer who possesses a rare gift of expression. I was personally impressed by the elegance with which she can write about any subject under the sun, with consummate ease. Her work at Buzzle.com is testimony to this fact. 
She is an excellent team player and has the capability to bring out the best out of herself and her colleagues. I like the way she radiates confidence and takes her work seriously. I wish her all the best and highly recommend this amazing writer who can leave you dazzled with her flamboyant and conversational writing style, which any reader would connect with!”

- By Omkar Phatak;  Senior Writer, Buzzle Software Solutions.

"Writing: Art :: Rashida: Michelangelo

Anyone who has worked with Rashida won't consider the above relation an exaggeration! Rashida, is in fact, a writer who is gifted with the art of expression. With every passing day, she is improving in her writing and for her fans, it is no less than a treat to read her articles. What I find most amusing about her write ups is that they're totally different in their approach and presentation. She has an innate ability to lucidly present very dull topics. As a reader, I found her write ups very captivating and interesting to read. The panache in her writing and living [:-)], makes her articles more lively. She stands out in a separate league of writers, with a skill that comes naturally to her and of course, it has been supplemented by her perseverance. Years of writing has polished her writing skills and I believe her best is yet to come. No matter in the form of another article or some books(s) [:-)]. She has been a great team player, making everyone around her smile and relax. I would love to see Rashida to author some books in the future, as I'm sure, the way she connects with her readers, is simply amazing. Anybody interested in getting brilliant write ups from variety of fields ranging for marketing, advertising, lifestyle, travel, hobbies, special interests and relationships must contact this great writer!

As her friend and a fan, I wish Rashida all the best for every venture she carries out in life!"

- By Kundan Pandey; Senior Content Writer, Buzzle.com

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